To check your phone if it will be compatible with our software or not please follow below steps:

  • 1. Download and install USB driver for your phone ( Nokia USB Driver , Android USB Driver)
    Please note during installing USB driver , the phone should not be connected to your PC
  • 2. Connect your phone to your computer using USB cable , if the phone show popup asking for access please allow and give permission
  • 3. Make sure your phone is not in charging mode
  • 4. After above steps you should see your phone modem listed in device manager , please see below screenshot

  • 5. To access device manager on your computer , right click on your PC icon on your desktop , click properties , then click on device manager
  • 6. Open our compatibility tools checker , download link
  • 7. Select your phone modem from the list , insert number to dial , then click call , if you want to hangup running call click hangup button

if your phone passed above steps then it will be compatible with our software , if your PC unable to recognize the phone as modem please check your phone USB settings

For more help please contact our technical support team

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