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Pure VoIP , with the use of our software SIP GSM gateway , allows you to terminate or originate SIP calls traffic with any VoIP codec using powered USB hub and mobile phones , no Bluetooth dongles needed it's very easy to use

Pure VoIP SIP GSM gateway is compatible to SIP IP-Telephony protocol and works with all SIP based softphones , trunks , and other VoIP enabled SIP devices.

More details and features

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Our Features

We have a lot of features compared with traditional termination solutions , we listed some of them below , and you can explore all features and details on our features page

Multiple Functions

Our solution support GSM calls termination/origination , Whatsapp and Telegram calls termination , and more!

Callback Route

You can use our solution as answering machine to collect your clients messages as recorded audio files

Support USSD and SMS

You can check balance and recharge your SIM cards through our software , also you can send/receive SMS

Dialing Plans

You can receive different network traffic and assign each prefix to specific channels


Pricing Plans

We are providing flexible pricing plans based on your need with affordable prices

Pricing Plans

Need customization?

Pure VoIP offers affordable software customization for our products. Whether you need simple changes or need new functionality, we offer services to meet your needs. for more details , please contact

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