1. How can i get the solution ?

After you place your order , we will ship compatible USB hub with our software to your shipping address , after that our technical support will connect to your machine remotely to setup the software on your PC , also they will follow up with you step by step till you successfully get all needed information

2. How it works , and how i can manage the software ?

  • 1- Run the software and register it to your SIP Server (soft-switch) using SIP account
  • 2- Connect your phones to the USB HUB , when you connect any phone it will appear directly on the software screen as free channel
  • 3- Route your traffic from your SIP server to the registered SIP account that used in step #1
  • 4- If your SIP Server (soft-switch) does not support routing calls to registered SIP account , then it's mandatory to use switch support this feature like SIPElectron.com

For better understanding please check our demo video

All features in the software can be managed from the screen (graphical user interface) , no scripts/codes needed

3. How many channels can i run on PC ?

We built our software SIP GSM gateway in high performance way , the number of channels is depend on you PC specification , for example if you have I5 processor with 4GB RAM , you can run 60-80 channels , if you need to run more channels you need better PC specifications , or run two PC's

4. How you can avoid custom issues ?

We know that some countries are not allow VoIP devices to pass their own customs , but we don't face problems in shipping to these countries because we are shipping USB hub device only , which is not considered as VoIP device in any country

5. What is compatible phones with SIP GSM gateway software ?

We did not test all phones in the market , we tested some types listed on this page click on supported phones tab , if your targeted phones are not listed in this list you can contact our technical support to get some instructions about your phone if it will be compatible or not

6. What this price includes ?

The price is including software license fees with all features/modules , Software upgrades , USB cables , and powered USB hub device + (Free shipping for a limited period) , regarding phones you have to purchase them from your market , to check supported phones you can visit this page , also you can contact our technical support if available phones in your market are not listed , for more information and details about price plans please visit this page

7. Does my soft-switch compatible with SIP GSM gateway software ?

Most of our clients are using SIPElectron.com , in general all softswich brands are supported , we have tested some of them listed in this page , under Compatible soft-switch tab

8. Do i need to root my phones or reinstall specific firmware ?

No , there is no need to root your phones

9. Do i need to connect my phones to internet to receive calls ?

No , there is no need to connect your phones to the internet

10. Do i need static IP address to receive calls on the software ?

No , there is no need to have static IP address on your PC , the software will receive SIP traffic using registered SIP account

11. Can i receive two networks traffic at the same time ?

Yes , you can by using our dialing plan , you can link each network prefix with specific channels

12. Can i use several phone models together on the same PC ?

Yes you can , for example you can use Galaxy A03 , Galaxy A51 , and Galaxy A13 together on same PC

13. How can i pay / what is your payment methods ?

Currently we accept the following payment methods , Bank transfer , Western Union , and Crypto USDT

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